The Order of the Marten


A lowborn guards-woman waits in a cell. Her name is unimportant, as she has become a traitor to the king by abandoning her lawful duty, thieving from the king’s own coffers, and refusing taxes. This peasant is thus sentenced to death.

Her story has now ended, but her executioner came with a bargain. Serve him, and in doing so serve their king in a covert squad. You would think it a simple decision, die, or serve your king, however, this woman holds a great deal of animosity for her king, who has done nothing to protect border towns from the growing threat of the wildmen, rampaging sub-humans who have been terrorizing and raiding the out territories. With reluctance the woman does accept the bargain, and her life ends at the hand of the executioner. Her name has been lost to the world, along with her story.

Audrey, as the new recruit into this squad calls herself, has been enlisted as a bodyguard for it’s leader, an enigmatic man known as Simon. She has learned that all members of this squad are former criminals, executed for crimes as petty as document forgery and as vile as rape and murder. After brief re-training, she and Simon set out to investigate the disappearance of one of the squad’s informants, and discover a conspiracy unraveling, one which could endanger king and country, and the squad is the only chance this country has to prevent an international fiasco.

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be exposed and our heroine will learn that nothing is ever as it seems in the world of politics. Will she be able to cope with what this quest makes her do? Follow her tale and find out.