Mike,I need you to keep an eye on my condo for a while.
I just got a call, mom is in the hospital. I need to take care of her
farm and my little sister until she recovers, I’m not sure how long…
Sorry about all this,

You take on the role of Theresa, a self-made businesswoman living the urban dream. She has a condo downtown, a successful business and a lively social life. All of that has to be put on hold, however, when her mother falls ill and someone must step up to take care of the family farm. Despite never wishing to return to her childhood home, she is the only person who can keep the farm going until the matriarch can return. Adding to the family’s troubles, is the tension between her and her young sister, Isabelle.

Theresa must try to keep the farm’s finances afloat while seeing to all the daily troubles that a small family farm can throw at her. As if that weren’t difficult enough, she must also once again become a part of her hometown community and rekindle old friendships if she is to succeed.